Prepare For The Start of an Amazing Journey 

Yoga is for everyone; men, women, kids + teens through to seniors, mothers-to-be and new moms.  Taking your first step onto the yoga mat is an exciting new beginning.  Whichever style , course or class you participate in, we believe its important to begin your journey with the highest standard of instructional expertise and in the best environment.  Building a solid foundation is an integral initiation to your yoga practice.  Step onto the mat with an open mind.   At Atlanta Hot Yoga any class is a great place to begin your practice,  whether you take an Anusara, Hot Yoga, Pilates, or Power class ((and these classes are not the only place to begin) .   You will practice yoga alongside novices and elite practitioners alike, and all Atlanta Hot YOga classes offer the means to explore yoga in a safe and fun environment. The practice and your strength, stamina, and knowledge builds week by week, providing a solid foundation to inspire you for future classes at the next level.  YOu will find a brief description of our class offerings on our website under (Class Descriptions). We offer numerous styles and levels of yoga, along with an introductory 10-day Yoga Pass for $30,  designed with our new students in mind.  This class card provides new students the  chance to sample an unlimited range of yoga & Pilates classes over the course of 10 days, at either our Buckhead or Vinings studios. Please click here for a link to our  daily class schedule here (mindbody) : Atlanta Hot Yoga Class Scheduler  


WHAT DO I BRING TO CLASS?     Please bring your sense of curiosity.  For each class you will need a water bottle, mat, and towel.  Atlanta Hot Yoga provides all new students with a free mat and towel rental on your first visit.  For all subsequent visits mat and towel rentals are $1/each.  We sell 1 liter water bottles for $3.  Our Buckhead and Vinings studios have full shower facilities, and we offer a secure place (open cubbies) for your belongings during class.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN MY FIRST CLASS?    During your first classes at Atlanta Hot Yoga (AHY) you will be introduced to different asanas (poses or postures), which will include standing & seated postures.  You will be oriented to the fundamental shapes and actions of the postures with repetition. Gradually, you will learn more about the poses, your breath and yourself through the practice.  The postures have different physical and emotional effects on the body, and each class is carefully sequenced with an emphasis on fundamental alignment intended to build strength and stamina, improve muscle tone, balance and flexibility, relieve stress, build confidence and heal injuries. At AHY we make use of props, such as blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters to facilitate learning and make modifications based on each student’s needs. Props can allow for a deeper understanding of the pose and improve comfort level.

WHY IS ALIGNMENT IMPORTANT?    People tend to stretch from their more flexible areas and rely on their better-developed muscles for strength, thus reinforcing postural habits. Our focus on proper alignment throughout practice  encourages safety, whereby the  weaker parts of the body strength and stiff areas release, thus awakening and realigning your entire body with balance. Practicing poses with an adherence to proper alignment reduces fatigue  and soothes your all systems of youAHY CLASS SCHEDULE OCT 2015r body, and trains and disciplines the mind so that concentration is improved.   As the body moves into better alignment, less muscular work is required, relaxation increases naturally, and the body, mind, and spirit move into balance.

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