June 8, 2013: YOGA + DRUMMING


June 8, 2022 * 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Thanks in part to our co-sponsor, Edible Arrangements Atlanta. $10 per student { and /or an additional donation of your choice}  
Join us for this riveting, powerful flow class guided by Lana Vogestad and set to the backdrop of dynamic South African drumming of  Aly Camara.  Raised in West Africa, Aly began to drum  at age seven and has received his instruction from Yamoussa “Yahdi” Camara, Aboubacar Fatou Abou Camara and Mohamed Kemoko Sano.  Aly began drumming professionally at the age of 11 and has since performed with many African ballets (performing dance and drum ensembles) including Les Merveilles de Guinea, Fareta de Guinea, Konkoure Bamba, Fatala and more. Aly brings to Atlanta Hot Yoga his extensive knowledge of traditional rhythms and songs from Guinea, Mali, Senegal and other areas ofWest Africa. 


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