Tuesday, December 31: 10:00PM to Midnight - NEW YEAR’S EVE Muladhara Chakra Ceremony featuring Jason Anderson

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New Years Eve Muladhara Chakra Ceremony w/ Jason Anderson

“Our Muladhara chakra is the foundation fire of our energy and well-being for the “four corners” of home, livelihood-prosperity, primary relationships and our health. Without a good foundation or container, nothing can grow, be built or resolve. Anything that begins with a good foundation will give that fortitude going forward - any imbalances on any level of our Muladhara from our health, relationships, home or livelihood need to be attended to, particularly in the new year” -Shiva Rea 2013

When: Tuesday, December 31st @ 10pm - 12am

What: A movement into the new calendar year with a deeper look, exploration and connection to our root chakra, Muladhara. Muladhara is the first energy center of the chakra (wheel or disk), where we will explore and strengthen the stability and security of our relationships with family, environment, workplace, job, career, money, etc. Generally your external or Phenomenal world. We will achieve this with a slow moving fluid asana practice beautifully tailored to Muladhara while chanting the “AH” vowel sound which is the mantra for Muladhara, in each asana. Chanting mantra within asana will provide a means to resolve past karmas, therefore lifting disturbances such as Avidya (ignorance) to reveal the truth of ourselves, how we perceive others within the relationship we have with them. The purification of our relationships with the Phenomenal world (external universe) brings about a healing energetic force to fight the disease of disconnect and in turn reconnect to sound mind, body and spirit to we can radiate and communicate peace and joy to the Phenomenon of life from a place of security and stability within you.The color for Muladhara “the root chakra” is red. Wear as much and whatever shade of red you have to the Ceremony. Creating an energy of community.

*Itinerary for the Muladhara Ceremony

10pm Muladhara Practice 90mins
11:30pm Yoga Nidra
11:45pm til’ Midnight - Silent Meditation
Midnight - Healthy refreshments and mingling

Cost: $25

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