August 25, 2013: CHILLSHOP / YOGA REST STOP featuring Octavia Raheem

Seek RefugeFrom The Heat and Fire

  of The Summer Season in the 


featuring Octavia Raheem 


2:00 - 4:30PM 

This two-hour + workshop will ensure  you  relax & chill.   Like the waves of an ocean you will surf through a mellow yoga flow into a restorative YIN practice encompassing deep and long held asanas (poses) designed to awaken the connective tissues  - tendons, fascia, ligaments - to increase your circulation and  flexibility, while quieting your mind. Your practice will then progress toward a  20 minute yoga nidra {yogi sleep or conscious awareness of the deeply quiet and balanced state} before culminating in the sweetest savasana you ever dreamt possible. 

$25 per student.  Register Today online.

see attached flier for details:    

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