March 16, 2022 : Spring Welcoming Chill Shop featuring Octavia Raheem

Invite the inherent renewal, wisdom, and healing of SPRING into your life with this SPRING WELCOMING CHILL SHOP featuring Octavia Raheem.

Plan to relax & chill like palm trees swaying in the breeze as you glide through a gentle yoga flow and soulful, grounded YIN practice comprised of deep and long-held asanas.  Sychronized with the universal life force (breath), these asanas (postures) penetrate and heal your connective tissues, ligaments, and joints.  The practice will culminate with a 20 minute yoga nidra - or yogic sleep or conscious awareness of your inherent quiet, balanced state -  and the sweeetttteeesssttt savasana imaginable.  JOIN US. Register Today at

Limit 20 students -  $25 per student. 

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