Sunday, March 23rd: THE FORM OF FLOW /Shoulder Alignment & Therapy featuring Gina Minyard

Gina Minyard is an expert on proper form and alignment in asana.  

The power of Form is the engaging work within the asana that aligns, balances, & strengthens the body. The joy of flow is losing yourself in movement & bliss of altered states. Repetitive, misaligned Flow without FORM begins to challenge joints - especially shoulders, elbows, &  wrists as we move through the foundational asanas: Chaturanga Dandasana, Upward Facing Dog, and Downward Facing Dog.  Learn the Form of Flow with powerful alignment sensibilities designed to integrate asanas so they remain a healing force and an effective progression  into deeper backbends & arm balances. This slow tempo workshop breaks down the essentials for the Flow yogi, so we continue to heal, prevent injury, and sustain a joyful, life-giving, ever-expanding yoga practice for years to come. Join us as Gina shares her expertise designed to deepen your practice.  Register today.  $40 per student. 

1:30 - 4:00PM  Sunday, March 23rd  | Atlanta Hot Yoga| Buckhead  |2140 Peachtree Road |ATL 30309

Meet Ms. Minyard:

Gina brings awakening & alchemy - the heart of yoga - into the fore thru her teachings. She engages students on every level with heart, mind, & body-transforming guidance, integrating vinyasa flow w/the penetrating work of dynamic alignment & unifying actions. Thematic inspiration & intelligent sequencing ground her instruction & promise sound progression toward astonishing breakthrough experiences for students of all abilities. Respected & sought for her passion & enthusiasm, clarity, knowledge -expect disciplined work infused with laughter & light-heartedness. An E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, Gina is the director & senior teacher of Yoga Collective in Atlanta, GA, where she leads the BODY of LIGHT Yoga Immersion, Teacher Training & public classes and private sessions. 

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